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Choose the right mixer tap for your water connection

If you're planning a kitchen, you’re bound to have lots of questions. When looking for a new kitchen mixer tap, you first need to determine what kind of water connection you have. This will determine what type of mixer tap you need. The most common type is the high-pressure mixer tap, which is connected to the central hot water system via the angle valve on your kitchen wall. However, not every house or apartment has a central heating system. In that case, you’ll need a special low-pressure mixer tap. Anyone getting warm water from a boiler in the sink cabinet will need a kitchen mixer tap that can cope with water pressure from a low-pressure boiler. Once you’ve cleared that up, it’s time for individual design decisions, and you can start thinking about the kind of mixer tap that you’d like for your kitchen.

How to recognise a high-quality mixer tap

How can I recognise a high-quality mixer tap?

Everyone wants great quality for their kitchen. But what does that actually mean when it comes to a kitchen mixer tap? What should I look for in particular? Tap water is probably the most thoroughly tested foodstuff there is. It is completely clean and pure so it’s up to your mixer tap not to change anything about it. This means that a quality kitchen mixer tap should not pass anything on to the drinking water. Testing the water-bearing materials within the mixer tap is therefore crucial. As a result, you should buy certified sink mixer taps made of rust-proof stainless steel or completely nickel-plated brass. Both materials are extremely durable and robust, and present no danger to health.

We are very conscious of our huge responsibility when it comes to channelling the most important foodstuff, so we only use health-compatible materials for our BLANCO mixer taps. You can be rest assured, as all BLANCO mixer taps are made from carefully selected raw materials and are produced by specially selected suppliers and partners. Our taps are all subject to constant checks and are submitted voluntarily for checks and approved by independent institutes such as the DVGW.If you follow this advice and avoid buying ‘cheap and cheerful’ kitchen mixer taps, then there’s no need to worry about metal leaching exceeding the limit values and affecting your health. Paying attention to such matters will also allow you to avoid the other problem of untested mixer taps, where no limits are imposed on the levels of substances that are hazardous to health, such as lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic or softening agents.

When choosing your kitchen tap, you should therefore make sure that it is certified in line with the drinking water regulations.

High-quality ceramic discs make BLANCO cartridges especially long-lasting

The heart of the mixer tap

High-quality mixer taps are distinguished by the first-class components built into the mixer tap. The cartridge is an essential part of this. It should be food grade-approved, resistant to corrosion and hard-wearing. Cartridges for BLANCO kitchen mixer taps have high-quality ceramic sealing discs and are thus exceptionally long-lasting and pressure-resistant.

The longevity of BLANCO levers

What makes BLANCO cartridges special: The ceramic discs within which the right ratio of warm to cold water is mixed do not move when the temperature is set, but only when the lever is lifted. This extends their lifespan.

Other key components for greater quality

Flexible connecting hoses are included in the water-bearing parts of the mixer tap. Together with the tested material, the flexibility of the hose makes an important contribution here towards ensuring quick and straightforward installation, as well as ensuring its resistance to wear.

Choose the optimal kitchen mixer tap from BLANCO for your kitchen

Which kitchen mixer tap do you need?

Besides any technical matters, the right choice of kitchen mixer tap is simply up to you. It depends on your kitchen, your needs, you budget and your taste.

You’re aware of the most important features already. Now it’s up to you to take a good look around and compare different kitchen mixer taps. And finally, you can look for the tap that will provide you with the best support in your day-to-day kitchen tasks.

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