Do you know the secret of a kitchen where cooking is pure pleasure and even preparing ingredients becomes a delight? We’re happy to share: it’s the ETAGON multi-level bowl. ETAGON is so much more than a kitchen sink. This unique concept, comprising a bowl, functional step and rails, allows you to do different tasks at the same time, on 3 levels. This creates unprecedented options for preparing, arranging and serving food, not to mention cleaning up and keeping everything neat and tidy.

Simply ingenious

Having an ETAGON bowl for your 80 cm base cabinet makes everything possible in a flash: the super-sized bowl allows you to do several kitchen tasks at the same time, while also providing space for rinsing large, bulky grill trays and pans.

A new level of convenience

Preparing, arranging, serving, cleaning and keeping things today – with this concept, kitchen tasks become an utter pleasure. As a place to rest hot pots, fill saucepans and drain them after rinsing, the practical ETAGON rails have it all covered.

Surprisingly versatile

Washing up brushes, kitchen sponges, cloths – everything can be optimally stored out of sight, while remaining close at hand on the ETAGON rails within the bowl. The rails also do a perfect job of newly washed dishes or pots.

All in one

Why waste valuable space for tasks in the kitchen, taking up surfaces and having to walk from one place to another, when you can do everything in one place, in a single bowl?

A streamlined overall concept

We’ve made the BLANCO ETAGON even more ingenious with additional accessories like a chopping board and steam cooking container. This makes your kitchen sink a perfect for pairing with utensils like steamers.

One bowl, three levels

The interplay between the functional level and the practical ETAGON rails creates an additional worksurface within the bowl, transforming your sink into a multifunctional all-rounder.