A fantastic complete package, combining design and functionality – You can depend on the attractive SOLIS stainless steel sink in a modern design for optimum use of space in your kitchen. The brushed surface finish of the bowls can be harmoniously combined with any worktop material and they retain their beauty for a long time to come. Thanks to the narrower base radii of the sink, the base surface is almost even at the sides, so you can make the most of the entire area, right up to the edge. In other words, you can leave a glass in the sink without thinking twice, and you're guaranteed to still have enough space to drain a pot or fill a vase. The SOLIS family boasts a balance of design and functionality, as the bowl has a selection of matching accessories, including the bamboo cutting board, foldable grid and the stylish wave drainer, all of which make cooking preparation and washing up that much easier. Thanks to the elegantly integrated fittings, with the concealed C-overflow and the InFino drain system, the SOLIS range is also especially easy-care.