Do you like looking out of the window when washing up, or would something in the corner work better? Round, angular or trapezium-shaped? Which kitchen sink shape offers you the best use of space?

Finally, you’ve achieved your dream of a kitchen island in the middle of the room. Does it have a large worktop and sink? Or do you have a U-shaped kitchen? Do your cupboards run along the wall and then round the corner? Is your kitchen L-shaped? Which sink goes best with which type of kitchen?


Small and dainty or big and imposing?

Do you like having lots of space? A large worktop with plenty of room for chopping, weighing, blending, kneading and more is a dream. Do you really need a large sink? Sometimes a smaller model that blends into the background will suffice. Or maybe you like to face the window and enjoy the sunlight on your face. No matter how much you love your worktop, try to make sure that your small sink is no more than 1.50 m from the oven which means that you won’t have far to go from rinsing to cooking.


Small sinks made big

Are small kitchens a place for small sinks only? No! Be bold: transform your large bowl without a drainer into an eye-catching feature within your kitchen. Thanks to accessories such as sieves for hanging or a chopping board, you won’t lose out on any space.

ETAGON makes it all possible

A large family, big pots, lots of spaghetti and even more bolognese sauce mean that you’re going to want a really large, deep sink. It is much easier to scrub large pots within it. Even cooking grates, baking tins or roasting trays are a breeze to clean in a large kitchen sink.

mother and daughter at cleaning up their kitchen island

If you have an island in the middle of your kitchen an XL bowl is also ideal as it becomes a multifunctional feature. A sophisticated cutting board can be slid over the sink, from the drainer to the bowl – wherever you need it. Everything is always in the right place.


1, 2 or 3? How many bowls will you need?

Large families or those who like to entertain regularly, might want to consider having a sink with two bowls. Not only do they look effortlessly stylish, but are also incredibly practical. You can have your large cooking pots and pans soaking in one bowl while washing up smaller items in the other. Alternatively, have your salad leaves rinsing in one bowl, with washing up in the other.

Double sinks just make sense when it comes to busy kitchens.

BLANCO corner sink

Go to the corner

If your kitchen on the smaller side check whether your kitchen sink might fit into the corner. This will save you space. Corner sinks are also suitable for L- and U-shaped kitchens. Oven to the right, refrigerator to the left. Corner sinks always have a drainer and often a small additional bowl for washing and rinsing food or storing dirty cutlery. Fitting exactly into the corner, trapezium- or kidney-shaped sinks, with a small bowl on the right, left or above the main bowl, one or two drainers, in stainless steel, ceramic or silgranit the choice is endless.

BLANCO drainer

Drip, drip, drip ...

Having a drainer for your sink is a must if you’re washing dishes but not drying them straight away. The dripping water runs easily into the bowl due to the inbuilt slope and your worktop stays dry. Use the space beside the sink for preparing your food as this works brilliantly if you have a ceramic sink. Other BLANCO sinks allow you to add a cutting board that fits perfectly into the sink. Are you left-handed? Then choose a drainer to go on the right-hand side of your sink. After rinsing dishes, you’ll always be able to put them correct side for you.


Have you chosen one or two bowls? Round or angular? Now only one question remains: how do I install the sink? What are the benefits of each type of installation?

How to install your sink