A large sink bowl, clean lines and practical waste sorting – BLANCO COLLECTIS offers a carefully designed concept for optimal organisation while preparing food. The functional sink collects food trimmings in an insertable compartment in the central bowl. This makes it easy to collect, cover and store food waste temporarily until it is disposed of. The optional wooden chopping board fits perfectly over the sink or drainer and allows you to work directly into the sorting compartment. This is ideal for combining with the BLANCO SELECT waste systems. The COLLECTIS sorting compartment clips almost seamlessly into the waste bin. Other features include the separate outflow, which is accessible even if both bowls are being used, and a large drainer. COLLECTIS has been carefully designed down to the very last detail. The large bowl includes the practical InFino drain system and the concealed C-overflow. BLANCO COLLECTIS is suitable for base cabinets with a width of 60 centimetres.