BLANCO AXIA, made of Silgranit, is an example of the AXen concept – a modern sink concept that makes preparing food at the sink even easier thanks to clever accessories. The ergonomic sink enables smooth workflow along both axes of the bowl. For instance, you can either move the chopping board, which comes as standard, along the longitudinal axis, or position it partially or entirely over the bowl area. This allows you to work effortlessly into pots or bowls, without anything falling in between them. The practical multifunctional colander also allows you to use the bowl’s transverse axis – the colander can be freely positioned alongside the bowl, but can also be clipped onto the smaller secondary bowl, if available. This allows you to separate out ingredients for cooking and trimmed waste with ease. BLANCO AXIS takes ergonomics to a new level, making your work in the kitchen much more efficient.