Streamline Your Kitchen Sustainability

Welcome to BLANCO, where we're dedicated to revolutionising your kitchen sustainability practices. As part of our commitment to reducing environmental impact, we offer a hassle-free CO2 cylinder deposit return service.

CO2 cylinder

How it Works: CO2 Cylinder Deposit Return

1. Order and Payment: Place your order for BLANCO CO2 cylinders and complete your payment securely online.

2. Delivery and Exchange: Upon delivery, an email is sent with instructions to create the return label. When new CO2 cylinders arrive, you can reuse the delivery box and place the empty CO2 cylinders in it.

3. Return Process: Simply, stick the return label on it and begin the return shipment process.

4. Refund: Once we have received and checked the cylinders, we will refund the deposit amount back to you, contributing to a sustainable cycle.

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