Whether you're a kitchen wizard or stick to the basics, a well-organised kitchen is vital to keeping everything clean, tidy and ready for whatever you're cooking next! To help, we've put together some great kitchen organisation ideas so everything you need is within easy reach, and cooking and kitchen tasks become a breeze.

Top tips and kitchen organisation ideas

1. Storage is your friend

When it comes to keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, storage must be a priority. A firm favourite of many organisers include hidden crates and boxes that match any colour scheme. However, now you'll also find there are a huge amount of sophisticated storage solutions available. For example, there are innovative solutions that address everyday kitchen challenges, such as food disposal and waste management, as well as storage, and look great, integrating into your existing design. Whatever your choice, we recommend investing in good quality storage for your kitchen that keeps your most-used items to hand at all times.

2. Prioritise what you need

Considering storage, it's essential that you prioritise the things that you use the most. Most cooking time is spent on countertops and around the sink. Some of the most common kitchen utensils include pots, pans, chopping boards and knives, and measuring cups, so make sure these are within easy reach around the parts of your kitchen you use the most. This strategy will mean you don't have to move lots of items to get to the utensil you need.

3. Don’t deep-stack

If space isn't a luxury or you've collected a lot of kitchen equipment, you might find it tempting to put everything in one place without any sort of order. This storage method, known as deep-stacking, will likely be a mistake if it is not well-organised, as whenever you need something from the back, you'll have to take everything out. So, if space is an issue, make sure you put what you use regularly at the front of your cupboards and storage spaces.

4. Easy and concise

As you start to get organised in your kitchen, it's worth taking this opportunity to ensure you need everything in your cupboards. We've all got a tendency to avoid throwing certain things away - just in case - but this can leave your kitchen feeling cluttered. When you cook or use your kitchen, identify what you use regularly and then have a look through your cupboards. Is there anything in there that you have never used? Or that you haven't used in a year? Ask yourself whether you can live without it, especially if you struggle for space.

5. Have a regular clear-out

Repeat these clear-outs of your kitchen cupboards every few months to ensure that you're not stacking up things you don't need, making organising your kitchen more difficult. This approach goes for buying new equipment as well as storing existing items - next time you’re shopping for your kitchen, think about whether you really need it and where you’re going to put it!

6. Invest in quality

Investing in good quality kitchen equipment - including your oven, sink, taps, and electrical appliances - can help avoid extensive repairs and keep your kitchen in working order for longer. Repairs can cause clutter to build up in your kitchen, particularly if you're a keen cook that uses many different appliances. Also, try to take good care of your kitchen equipment to avoid causing excessive wear and tear and accumulating more clutter than you need.

By following these tips and regularly taking a few extra minutes to keep your kitchen clean, tidy and looking great, you will get much more joy out of living and working in it and sharing time there with your family and friends.

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