Is your kitchen a place where you can breathe easily and relax? An oasis for holding your very own tea ceremony? A space where you can be creative, try out new things and finally give your crème brûlée the perfect crispy caramel topping? Then take a moment to imagine the perfect sink, with a bowl, mixer tap and worktop perfect for honing your everyday kitchen tasks. Such is its elegance that you’ll almost struggle to keep your guests’ attention on your culinary creations.

Going new ways

You don’t need a Zen master to help you plan a kitchen, but rather all-rounder products that help you to focus on the essentials: your love of cooking and experimenting with food. The sink takes on new tasks in modern kitchens. Previously, it was used primarily for washing up, but today it is a central workspace for preparing and arranging ingredients.

You will be amazed what modern kitchen planning has to offer to suit your needs. Whether you opt for an L-shaped kitchen, island or a kitchen block down a single wall, every type of kitchen offers you an array of opportunities and advantages to be aware of when planning your dream kitchen. And every detail tailored to your needs ensures even greater delight and relaxation when cooking.

The ideal kitchen anticipates your needs and makes your everyday life easier. Everyone passionate about cooking knows how calming and stress-relieving food preparation can be. Enhance this meditative effect with optimal kitchen planning.

Tea, not THC

In focus

Water is life. As such, it forms the basis for most cooking tasks. The kitchen sink therefore plays a particular role in kitchen planning: you can quench blanched tomatoes in ice-cold water here, or carry on preparing steamed vegetables. A sink like the ETAGON does a lot of the work for you. ETAGON makes threefold of the generous space in the single bowl. Thanks to the integrated step and intelligent accessories, you can slice potatoes on the attachable cutting board, scrape them into the oven dish placed beneath, and later place the finished potato gratin on the rails before serving, to give one example.

The ETAGON multifunctional sink

Preparing food on three levels not only saves time but also shortens your working processes. Efficiency is just one of its strengths: ETAGON also enhances your kitchen in aesthetic terms. Whether in stainless steel or Silgranit PuraDur, flushmount or lay-on: the uncompromisingly straight-lined bowl always makes a good impression.

Discover the variety of ETAGON models

Zen, or the art of shaping dumplings

Whether you’re baking biscuits, preparing dough or working with raw meat, the SOLENTA-S Senso is a tap that always runs when you want it to. And it gives you just the amount of water that you need. All without direct contact. The SOLENTA-S Senso smart tap brings a newfound ease to cooking and rinsing, while its perfect form will please even the most aesthetically demanding cook. And as dough remnants and sticky flour on the mixer tap are a thing of the past.

Rinse with us

If you’re looking for serenity or even enlightenment while cooking or washing food, as well as striving towards optimised workflows and getting the most out of your kitchen for yourself and your guests, you’d be well advised to plan your kitchen with BLANCO. We offer large and small solutions defined by one thing above all others: the search for perfection for your specific kitchen. See for yourself!

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