Conjure up more storage space in your kitchen

know-how: with ingenious design

A social gathering place, functional space and showcase for your good taste – your kitchen can serve many purposes. This is where you cook and bake or prepare snacks for a convivial evening with friends. Whether you have a small apartment or a big house, there are all sorts of ingenious ideas when it comes to creating a modern kitchen with enough storage space.

A cooking island as a storage space: work on top, store things below

Light colours for a friendlier look

Your space needs to be cosy, without losing its overall coherence – and you need enough space, too. Planning a stylish, functional kitchen is a real challenge. In order for your kitchen to meet all of its practical requirements while remaining a striking space, you need beautiful and original storage solutions. Useful accessories bring order even to small kitchens. Tidy surfaces are pleasing to the eye. The choice of colours can also have a positive influence on the spatial impact of your kitchen, pale colours and high-gloss coatings on kitchen fittings provide a friendly and spacious feel to the space. In doing so, you should be mindful of making the most of the space, as the difficulty lies in ensuring that your kitchen doesn’t look cobbled together.

Modular walls create orderliness and versatility within the kitchen

Hanging fixtures for pots and pans can upgrade a simple wall. In small kitchens you can create valuable storage space for kitchen appliances even in narrow niches by using hanging elements. The worktop thus remains free for food preparation.

Modular walls are particularly versatile. Shelves, integrated knife blocks and hooks can be attached via rails, allowing you to reach for the kitchen implements you need at any time.

It’s lovely to be able to be with your family or chat with friends while you cook. In this case, the cooking or kitchen island becomes a focal spot in your home. The large worktop serves as a place to set down glasses and chop fruit and vegetables. There’s also sufficient storage space in the lower kitchen cabinets. Leaving your shelves open or opting for a kitchen island with a frosted glass window can lend a sense of lightness to your fittings.

Use the corners to create storage space in the kitchen

Depending on the amount of space available, the sink area can also be integrated into the kitchen island. Bowls without a drainer also free up extra worktop space. A lay-on drainer can be used to drain kitchenware – if you need working space to prepare food, the drainer disappears again, leaving the space free. In addition, moveable chopping boards and colander inserts transform a sink into a functional working area.

Use the corners to create storage space in the kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design is distinguished by its clever solutions. Corner cabinets with an extendible electrical board transform the ‘dead corners’ of the kitchen into storage space for kitchen appliances. The blender thus disappears into the corner cabinet at the touch of a button after making a smoothie – a smart storage solution that’s bound to astonish your friends.

Corner cabinets might seem completely unprepossessing, but they can often turn out to be real space miracles. You could place a corner cabinet carousel or turntable in there, for instance, with a base that rotates conveniently out of the cabinet. Fully extendible lower kitchen cabinets allow you to use their entire depth to the full. This allows you to reach even massive soup pots stowed away at the very back without any issues. Real everyday heroes include shelf units with internal pull-outs and hanging fixtures that you can use as a larder to superb effect.

A carefully considered kitchen plan forms the basis for sufficient storage space and order. In order to maintain a sense of coherence, it’s worth casting a critical eye over your cabinets and drawers every so often to determine what you still really need in your kitchen inventory.