Whether it’s warm, neutral hues or bold, modern accents, the colour used in your kitchen can make a significant difference to the mood or style you’re trying to create. However, updating the colour of your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a whole new kitchen refit. On the contrary, just one or two changes that add some new colour to your kitchen can bring it right up-to-date, making it a place you're proud to show off to your guests and where you'll seek to spend more time with your family.

In this blog, we share two brand-new colours that we’ve introduced for our products and show how these shades can help enhance your kitchen style.

New Soft White SILGRANIT tap

Warm and welcoming neutrals

Using warm neutral shades in your kitchen makes the room inviting. With the kitchen often being the central hub of the home, the place where family and friends gather to prepare and share food while sharing the stories of their day, using these shades makes the kitchen feel cosy and hospitable.

Muted neutrals, such as creams, ivories and whites, help create calm in the kitchen. However, it doesn't just have to be your walls or cupboards that adopt these hues; consider your sink unit too. Modern sinks come in much more than just stainless steel. For an on-trend style, look for neutral options for your kitchen water station.

For example, our Silgranit sinks now come in Soft White , making a subtle statement that adds to the homely feel of a kitchen. Opt for matching taps and soap dispensers for a seamless and contemporary colour pairing. Alternatively, take a look at the latest Satin Gold shade for our drink.hot EVOL-S PRO 4 in 1 mixer tap, which will add a touch of luxury and sit perfectly against the Soft White Silgranit sink.

SUBLINE 500U in SILGRANIT Volcano Grey

Decadently dark shades

Dramatic and decadent, the latest trend for blacks and darker shades in the kitchen may be a bold choice, but it certainly adds the wow factor. However, you don't have to go all out with darker shades throughout your kitchen. Just introducing the shades in one or two areas will be enough to make a sophisticated, striking statement.

For example, we’ve introduced a new Volcano Grey shade for our Silgranit sinks with a visible grain that creates a natural stone-like appearance. Pair it with our drink.hot EVOL-S PRO 4 in 1 mixer tap in our new matt black shade to create a modern industrial, yet chic, style.

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EVOL-S Pro in Satin Gold

A touch of gold

Gold kitchen taps are a popular trend in kitchen design, bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to any kitchen. Whether you are looking to update your current kitchen or are starting from scratch, incorporating gold kitchen taps into your design is an excellent way to elevate your kitchen's overall look and feel.

NEW for 2023, we've introduced the EVOL-S Pro in Satin Gold. With its cutting-edge features, our drink.hot EVOL-S PRO 4 in 1 mixer tap provides cold, warm and filtered cold and boiling water from a single mixer tap. The EVOL-S Pro also offers an intuitive measuring function and touch control for improved efficiency.

To learn more about the latest colourways for our Silgranit sinks and drink.hot EVOL-S PRO 4 in 1 mixer tap, please get in touch with our team or find your nearest BLANCO retailer below.